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Integrative Liberal Studies  


The Integrative Liberal Studies (ILS) Program emphasizes the integration and synthesis of knowledge across traditional disciplinary boundaries. ILS invites students to deepen their understanding of complex contemporary issues through interdisciplinary topics and courses. Students engage in a range of co-curricular activities that enrich their academic experience.

The ILS Program is grounded in the principle that a liberating education—one that emphasizes humane values and promotes the free and rigorous pursuit of truth—creates good citizens, individuals who assume responsibility for their thoughts and actions and their impact on the world. Their personal development is inextricably linked to the contributions they make to their scholarly, social and political communities. To be good citizens, people must be able to think critically and to communicate their ideas effectively. In serving UNC Asheville’s liberal arts mission, the ILS Program works alongside the majors to help people develop and improve these skills by immersing them in an interdisciplinary community of mutually supportive scholars.

At the heart of the ILS Program lies the philosophical conviction that liberal arts students should experience how  disciplines investigate, understand and construct bodies of knowledge differently, through a range of concepts and methods. A liberal arts education exposes the student to the ways that individual disciplines approach those topics, problems and issues that inform the human condition. Such an education creates opportunities for students to experience many points of contact and divergence across the curriculum.

Specific program requirements are available from the ILS Requirements link at the right, and in the UNC Asheville catalog.  Our program map details what courses students will need to take.

Faculty: View Deadlines for Cluster and Intensive Proposals.