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Integrative Liberal Studies  


The ILS Program has two colloquium courses: a 3-hour introductory colloquium (LSIC) and a 4-hour senior capstone colloquium (LSSC). The Liberal Studies Introductory Colloquium (LS 179 or 379) is taken at the beginning of a student’s education at UNC Asheville, and the Liberal Studies Senior Colloquium (LS 479) is taken at the end.  Liberal Studies colloquium courses will ordinarily carry the prefixes of the departments out of which they are taught (or be offered as LS courses), but may not be used to fulfill major or minor requirements. Courses taken at other institutions cannot be used to satisfy these requirements.

The Liberal Studies Introductory Colloquia, LS 179 and LS 379, introduce students to education in a liberal arts environment. The courses use a topical focus to assist students in making the transition to UNC Asheville. LS 179, a Writing Intensive course, is a required course designed for all incoming freshmen and first‐year students with less than 25 hours of college credit. LS 379 is an optional course designed for transfer students. Students who choose to take LS 379 will receive credit for both a Writing Intensive and an Information Literacy Intensive.

Both courses integrate information and intellectual approaches from different disciplines, directly addressing the nature of liberal studies. To introduce students to opportunities specific to our campus, the students will be encouraged to see the campus within the civic community and the academic community, understanding how it has the possibility to affect each. They can explore the responsibilities of the liberally educated through service learning and the opportunities for active learning available through the Undergraduate Research experience. They should also have an opportunity to experience cultural events and special opportunities offered by the campus.

LSIC course offerings vary by semester. For information about this semester's offerings, click the appropriate link at the right side of this page.

The Liberal Studies Senior Colloquia engage students in a capstone liberal arts experience. LS 479, is also topical and is intended to be taken in a student’s final semester at UNC Asheville. It will incorporate content and insights from both the ILS Program and each student’s major and elective courses. In this way, it attempts to provide a capstone liberal studies experience in which students will be able to integrate the knowledge they have acquired through their major with the wider perspectives provided in their general education. Students will also be required to complete a self-directed project that demonstrates this level of integration. All seniors take either LS 479 or HUM 414. Students cannot receive credit for both courses.

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