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Integrative Liberal Studies  

ILS Requirements

Liberal Studies Colloquia

The Introductory Colloquium course helps introduce students to the expectations, philosophies, and rigors of a liberal arts education, introducing students to education in a liberal arts environment and assisting them in making the transition to UNC Asheville. The courses integrate information and intellectual approaches from different disciplines, directly addressing the nature of liberal studies. 179 courses are designed for freshmen; 379 courses are for transfer students.

The Senior Colloquium incorporates content and insights from both the ILS Program and each student’s major and elective courses. In this way, it provides a capstone liberal studies experience in which students will be able to integrate the knowledge they have acquired through their major with the wider perspectives provided in their general education. 

  • Liberal Studies Introductory Colloquium (3 hours)
  • Senior Capstone Course (4 hours)

Learning Foundations

Learning Foundation courses offer students an opportunity to develop intellectual breadth and to lay the groundwork for their later studies. 

  • Academic Writing (4 hours)
  • Foreign Language (0-6 hours)
  • Health & Wellness Promotion (2-3 hours)
  • Laboratory Natural Science (4 hours)
  • Mathematics (4 hours)

Humanities Cluster

The interdisciplinary Humanities program is concerned with the wide range of human ideas, values and institutions. The courses examine what we have achieved in our several thousand years of recorded history, what we have desired, what we have believed, and how these concerns and passions influence us. 

  • The Ancient World (4 hours)
  • The Medieval and Renaissance World (4 hours)
  • Modern World: Mid 17-20th Century (4 hours)

Topical Cluster

Topical Clusters bring the perspectives of several different disciplines to bear on a particular issue or subject area, a true embodiment of the liberal arts perspective. Each cluster requires the completion of 3 courses. 

  • Natural Science (3 hours)
  • Social Science (3 hours)
  • Elective (3 hours) 


The Arts requirement features courses in which students become intellectually engaged with the arts. They consider the significance and communicative functions of the arts in human experience, the cultural context of creative composition and performance and the foundations of aesthetic values. 

  • Approved Arts coursework (3 hours)  


Intensive courses emphasize skills and content as a way for students to deepen their liberal studies education and integrate it with other academic experiences. Students may take intensive designated courses within the Integrative Liberal Studies Program, in their majors, or as electives. Since many of the intensive courses are part of ILS and major requirements, they do not necessarily add additional hours to the students requirements. 

  • 3 Writing Intensives
  • 1 Quantitative Intensive
  • 1 Diversity Intensive
  • 2 Information Literacy Intensives

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