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Integrative Liberal Studies  


Intensive courses emphasize skills and content as a way for students to deepen their liberal studies education and integrate it with other academic experiences. Students may take courses designated as Intensive in their majors or minors, in the Integrative Liberal Studies Program, or among electives.

Students take intensive writing, information literacy, quantitative and diversity courses. Intensive courses are taught across the curriculum. Many are required courses within the curriculum, so they don't necessarily require a student to take additional courses.

Faculty interested in creating their own intensives can find information here. The designations of Writing Intensive and Quantitative Intensive are valid for a period of three academic years. The Diversity Intensive and Information Literacy Intensive designations are valid for a period of five academic years. Faculty who wish to have a course approved beyond these limits must submit the course for renewal. Please contact the individual intensive subcommittee chair for information on the renewal process.

Last edited by on October 11, 2013